Introducing USNA's new leaders

Anna Cramer and Joanna Hall will serve as Co-Presidents and Angie Howard as President-Elect from 2020 through 2022 to usher the school’s parent association through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bobby Stanton is listed as the first USNA President, going back exactly 40 years. I cannot help but wonder what those first USNA meetings were like, but I’m pretty sure that, as is the case today, they were made up of determined parents trying to contribute in a positive way to our school community. I’m pretty sure that she would marvel at what USNA has become, four decades later. It has been my pleasure to serve as USNA President. I’m honored to see my name among the 40-year long list of distinguished past USNA Presidents. A few brave souls even returned to serve two terms, and once before we had a team of Co-Presidents. I am handing the USNA presidency off into the very capable hands of Anna Cramer and Joanna Hall, only our second set of co-presidents in the history of USNA. Looking ahead, 2020-2021 is the perfect year to have two presidents to make the tough decisions of how to fulfill the mission of USNA in the time of the novel coronavirus. They will:

  1. Facilitate volunteer assistance to our faculty and staff.
  2. Direct fundraisers that benefit specific school programs.
  3. Promote an enduring sense of community.

Anna grew up in Bethpage, Tennessee just north of Nashville and attended the University of Richmond for undergraduate studies followed by Vanderbilt University for law school. She then was a prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office here in Nashville before deciding to stay home with her kids. Fun fact about Anna is that she grew up on a 100-acre farm and is and avid yogi taking classes from USN alumni parent Taunia Rice.

Joanna grew up outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and attended The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She then worked in Training and Development for Wells Fargo. Funny enough, her last project before deciding to stay home with her kids was to convert in-person traditional training for new employees to an online format. A fun fact about Joanna is that she has run three marathons,

Each with three kids at USN spanning grades 10, 8, 7, 5 & 4, Anna and Joanna have vast experience working within all three divisions of USN- starting as LS Room Parents, volunteering with events including Artclectic and Grandparents & Special Friends’ Day, chairing Fall Book Frenzy and Evening Classes, and supporting me all through this year with humor, fresh ideas, and endless energy. Anna and Joanna will be assisted by Angie Howard, President- Elect. 

In more breaking news, Anna, Joanna and Angie have committed to serving two years as USNA Presidents and President-Elect to see us through the pandemic. We are so thankful for your leadership.

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USNA Presidents
1979-1980 Bobby Stanton
1980-1881 Iris Buhl
1981-1982 Roz Rosenthal
1982-1983 Roz Rosenthal
1983-1984 Jane Krizelman Lubow
1984-1985 Sallie Bissell
1985-1986 Lisa Small
1987-1988 Barbara Spigel
1988-1989 Linda Schoenblum
1989-1990 Molly Schneider
1990-1991 Molly Schneider
1991-1992 Allis Dale Gillmor
1992-1993 Allis Dale Gillmor
1993-1994 Trish Bolian
1994-1995 Trish Bolian & Connie Richardson
1995-1996 Susie Ries
1996-1997 Marti Rosenberg
1997-1998 Sandi Spitz
1998-1999 Sandi Spitz
1999-2000 Vicki Barnes
2000-2001 Debby Hodges
2001-2002 Gayle Brinker
2002-2003 Gayly Patterson
2003-2004 Janice Meyers
2004-2005 Dana Strupp
2005-2006 Mary Herbert Kelly
2006-2007 Angi Pile-Morris
2007-2008 Robinson Regen
2008-2009 Monica Flynn Urness
2009-2010 Valetta Watson
2010-2011 Amy Cooper
2011-2012 Karyn Bryant
2012-2013 Dawn Becker
2013-2014 CarolineShockley
2014-2015 Holly Roche
2015-2016 Katie Crumbo
2016-2017 Tory Fitzgibbon
2017-2018 Susan Schoenecker
2018-2019 Tonia Klein
2019-2020 Kobie Pretorius
2020-2022 Anna Cramer & Joanna Hall
2022-2023 Angie Howard

Signing off,
Kobie Pretorius
USNA President, 2019-2020
    • USN parents Kobie Pretorius, Joanna Hall, and Anna Cramer during Fall Fest 2019

    • USN parents Anna Cramer, Kobie Pretorius, and Joanna Hall during COVID-19

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