The Arts at USN

K-12 Creativity UnleashedArtistic Expression

From kindergarten until graduation, students at USN enjoy a wealth of opportunities in both the visual and performing arts. All students in grades K-8 participate in visual arts programs and over half of our High School students choose to hone their skills by continuing to take visual arts courses.

Meanwhile, Lower School and Middle School curricula also require participation in the performing arts, and when they reach High School many students continue to explore the performing arts through electives including concert and pep band, jazz band, show choir, dance, chamber ensemble, and theater. The 19,000-square-foot Tibbott Center provides state-of-the-art facilities for study in visual and performing arts for students in grades 5-12.

Where Artistry & Mastery Meet

"USN's artistic program provides a solid foundation for students to grow, explore techniques and find their own voices with amazing teachers who are artists in their own fields." 

–HS Artist, Class of 2024

Multimedia ExplorationVisual Arts

In visual arts courses students develop a familiarity with creative visual expression, moving beyond speaking and writing. Through different media and materials, we introduce students to the vast potential of visual arts as a means of self-expression, and engage their imagination and curiosity by giving their ideas aesthetic form.

Classes are designed to foster independent and flexible thinking, as well as discipline, risk-taking and perseverance. We ask students to reflect inward, to demonstrate commitment, curiosity, and craft in creating their work and encourage them to be courageous and trust the process of experimentation. 

Students Take the StagePerforming Arts

Self-expression takes center stage in our performing arts courses as students develop confidence, practice communication skills, and build community through a wide range of disciplines. 

Theater, band, choral music, and dance offerings allow students to embrace individuality, explore new ideas, and pursue their passions as they lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of artistic endeavors. Technique and creativity collide in our classrooms where young artists have the freedom to adventure into imaginary worlds, explore new identities, and tell untold stories with the encouragement and support of our well-trained faculty. 

Recent USN Arts News

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  • Tiger Arts Patrons is the booster club for visual and performing arts.

    Join our athletic, arts booster clubs 

    Support our student artists, thespians, and athletes by joining Tiger Arts Patrons and Tiger Club. Membership for each booster club is $100 for the entire family for 2023-2024 and includes admission to most events as well as a special gift.
  • 'Free/Form' to showcase dance students April 27

    UNISON Dance, University School of Nashville's Middle School and High School dance company, will present a celebration of dance, freedom, and form on Thursday, April 27. All USN students and families are welcome to attend the free performance.
  • The cast and crew of HS Theater's

    HS Theater shines in Spotlight Awards nominations

    Congratulations to Riya Narayan ’23, Daniel Stark ’23, Andrew Wright ’23, Kari Belle King ’24, Zoe Volanakis ’23, Leah Joseph ’24, Ryleigh Thor ’23, Maya Giles ’23, and the entire “Little Shop of Horrors” cast and crew on earning nominations. 

Support Student ArtistsTiger Arts Patrons (TAP)

A booster club focused on the arts at USN, Tiger Arts Patrons (TAP) provides a community for visual and performing arts students and their supporters. TAP contributes additional funding to the arts while providing supporters with free admission to all USN arts events including off-campus events, but excluding Theater Guild Performances.

TAP membership is paid per academic year and is open to anyone interested in supporting the arts at USN including grandparents and others in the greater Nashville community. 
Join TAP today
USN Mission: 
University School of Nashville models the best educational practices. In an environment that represents the cultural and ethnic composition of Metropolitan Nashville, USN fosters each student’s intellectual, artistic, and athletic potential, valuing and inspiring integrity, creative expression, a love of learning, and the pursuit of excellence.