Visual Arts

Visual art is a universal tool for communication and understanding, a fundamental expression of the human spirit.  Before there were numbers or alphabets, there was art. Whether we are practitioners, members of the audience, or consumers, art touches our lives in some way every day.

Contemporary research confirms that education in the arts plays a vital role in the development of cognitive skills. Literacy in the language of arts both facilitates and enhances the understanding of other subjects. Because today information accessibility and communication are becoming increasingly more immediate, higher levels of thinking and processing are more critical than ever. In a world where virtual realities are becoming more the norm than the exception, unique visions affirm life and the individual. Visual art crosses social, economic, and cultural boundaries and, more than ever before, creates an atmosphere where diversity is appreciated and fostered.

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Trent Boysen

    Trent Boysen 

    HS Art Teacher; Co-Chair Arts Department
    (615) 321-8000
    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - BA
    Started at USN: 1998
  • Photo of Emily Holt

    Emily Holt 

    Middle School and High School Art Teacher
    (615) 321-8000
    Middle Tennessee State University - B.F.A.
    University of North Carolina - M.F.A.
    Started at USN: 2003
  • Photo of Elizabeth Mask

    Elizabeth Mask 

    (615) 321-8000
    Memphis Academy of Arts - BFA
    Started at USN: 2002
  • Photo of Delia Seigenthaler

    Delia Seigenthaler 

    High School Art Teacher
    (615) 321-8000
    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - MFA
    Started at USN: 2001
  • Photo of Andrew King

    Andrew King 

    Middle School and High School Art Teacher
    The Academy of Art University - MA
    Sewanee: The University of the South - BFA
    Started at USN: 2017
  • Photo of Steve Smail

    Steve Smail 

    Website Manager, HS Geology, Filmmaking & Mountain Bike Team Coach
    (615) 324-1448
    The College of Wooster - B.A.
    Vanderbilt University - M.S.
    Started at USN: 1997
  • Photo of Kimberly Manz

    Kimberly Manz 

    Middle School Digital Photography Teacher
    Started at USN: 2007
  • Photo of Stephen Douglas

    Stephen Douglas 

    Lower School Art
    (615) 321-8022
    Princeton U - B.A.
    university of the arts - masters
    Started at USN: 1996
  • Photo of Bridget Bailey

    Bridget Bailey 

    Middle School Art Teacher
    University of Virginia - BA
    Started at USN: 2017
  • Photo of Omari Booker

    Omari Booker 

    Tennessee State University - BA
    Started at USN: 2017
In the tradition of pioneer educator John Dewey, the USN Visual Arts faculty is devoted to a curriculum that emphasizes the student rather than subject matter, where the learning process is as essential as the lesson, and where curiosity and imagination are encouraged. Our studios are our laboratories.

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