Tiger Give Back Challenge

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What is the Tiger Give Back Challenge?
The Tiger Give Back Challenge is one of the most important days of the year for our school. It’s a special day of "fun-raising" when all in the USN community are asked to make a monetary donation to the school we love so much.

This great day of generosity is on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.
Where can I make my donation?
Go to our special giving link for the Tiger Give Back Challenge. Just click here: Tiger Give Back Challenge 2024.
To what do these donations go?
Every donation made during the Tiger Give Back Challenge goes to USN’s Annual Fund, which is a crucial part of the school’s budget. The Annual Fund edifies all parts of the school – academics, athletics, and arts – and does so year over year.
Those who contribute to the Annual Fund rest assured that their generosity provides student financial assistance, books, sports equipment, art supplies, building improvements, salary and benefits for faculty and staff, and much more. We like to say that every dollar supports every Tiger every day.
Who is asked to donate?
All who are part of the school are asked to give to the school. This includes alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and other relatives of current students, parents and other relatives of former students, friends of the school, and more.
In years past, donations have been received from coast to coast and even from distant parts of the world. All who are part of the USN community are encouraged to give, as every gift strengthens the school now and in the future.


I don’t feel like I can make much of a difference with my donation. Should I still give?

No matter their size, all gifts are important, all gifts are appreciated, and all gifts make a difference. In the Tiger Give Back Challenge, the most important number is not total dollars raised, but total gifts made, and a gift of any amount is received as a sign of appreciation and support for the school.
The total number of gifts made during the day will be counted. A gift of $5 or $5,000 is counted the same and as we pass certain markers – 100 gifts, 200 gifts, 300 gifts – fun prizes are unlocked: a Faculty Push-up Contest for students to watch, for example, or a Coffee Cart for staff to enjoy.
Of course, all this fun is beside the pure joy of giving.
What prizes are included in the Tiger Give Back Challenge?
The full prize list is below. Of particular note are those associated with the 600-gift threshold and the 700-gift threshold.
If 600 gifts are received on the day, then an additional sum as large as $100,000 will be added to the grand total. (A number of generous donors have come together to create this Challenge Gift.)
If 700 gifts are received on the day, then Director Amani Reed, a fan of professional soccer team Chelsea F.C., will wear the jersey of hated rival Liverpool F.C. to school. Director Reed is being a great sport by agreeing to this.
Let’s do everything we can to unlock the Challenge Gift and put Director Reed in Liverpool colors for a day!
  • 100 Gifts: Faculty Push-up Contest in LS Assembly
  • 200 Gifts: 200 New Books on the Shelves of Hassenfeld Library
  • 300 Gifts: Lunch with New Head of LS and Director of Enrollment Scott Collins
  • 400 Gifts: Coffee Cart for Faculty & Staff
  • 500 Gifts: Lunch with New Head of HS and Director of College Counseling Aaron Fulk
  • 600 Gifts: Challenge Gift Unlocked
  • 700 Gifts: Director Reed, a fan of Chelsea F.C., will wear the jersey of hated rival Liverpool F.C., to school
  • 750 Gifts: Lunch with Director Amani Reed
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