Tiger Give Back Challenge

Community Conversations Video Archive

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      Inspiring & Uplifting through Music

      with Composer, Producer & Recording Artist Bryard Huggins '13 and Screenwriter, Director & Musician Jaran Huggins '18

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      Is Unity in American Politics Possible?

      with Vanderbilt University Project on Unity & American Democracy Co-Chair Samar Ali and Executive Director Gray Sasser

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      Building Community & Breaking Bias: A Discussion on Public Safety Policy

      with NYC Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes Program Analyst Ashtan Towles '15 and Vanderbilt University Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Safety August Washington

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      How Poetry Can Change the World

      with MSNBC Contributor, Author, & Vanderbilt University Writer-In-Residence Caroline Randall Williams and USN English Department Chair Freya Sachs '00

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      Basketball Scoop: A Discussion on Women in Sports

      with Vanderbilt University Women's Head Basketball Coach and USN HS Dean of Students & HS Girls' Basketball Coach Nicole Jules

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      Surviving 2020 with Big Pivots by Local Restaurants

      with Dozen Bakery's Claire Meneely '00 and Henrietta Red's Julia Sullivan '01

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      Words of Wisdom: The Path to College

      with Vanderbilt University Vice Chancellor for Athletics & University Affairs Candice Storey Lee and USN Director of College Counseling Janet Schneider

    • Tiger Give Back Challenge: Allison Fundis '99

      Allison Fundis '99

Tiger Give Back Challenge FAQs

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q What is the Tiger Give Back Challenge?

    Over 24 hours, the USN community will come together to support students, faculty, staff, and programs through gifts to the Annual Fund. All gifts made between 9 a.m. Wednesday, March 10 and 9 a.m. Thursday, March 11 will show the collective giving power of the USN community during the Tiger Give Back Challenge.
  • Q Why should I make a contribution to the Tiger Give Back Challenge?

    The focus on “Building Community” has been strong throughout the past year, a reflection of the many ways in which the USN experience has adapted to the ever-changing world. Annual Fund dollars are a critical resource for USN’s evolving needs. Philanthropic giving is essential to supporting people and programs that make USN special.
  • Q Who can participate in the Tiger Give Back Challenge?

    The majority of gifts will come from PDS and USN alumni during the Tiger Give Back Challenge. Many parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, and even students also show their support to the school.
  • Q Can I follow the progress of the Tiger Give Back Challenge?

    Yes, our success will be tracked up to the second on our interactive giving page. Link forthcoming.
  • Q Besides giving, how can I help make the Tiger Give Back Challenge a success?

    Sharing the Tiger Give Back Challenge on your social media accounts is a great way to encourage your friends and family to join the fun and make a gift to USN. You can step up even more and volunteer to make phone calls or send text reminders to potential donors. There are options to volunteer at home or socially distant on campus.
    Sign up here.

Tiger Give Back Challenge

Who: the entire PDS/USN Community (alumni, parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends)

What: 24 hours of supporting USN

When: 9 a.m. Wednesday, March 10 through 9 a.m. Thursday, March 11

Where: follow along on USN's social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Why: to "Build Community" at USN by supporting the people and programs that make our school special

  1. Create an account on Give Campus to connect with University School of Nashville (sign up takes two minutes).
  2. Connect with your friends and classmates, and ask them to participate in the Tiger Give Back Challenge.
  3. Post on your social media accounts what you do to "Build Community".
  4. Make a gift to USN on Wednesday, March 10.
Alumni Challenge
Team Blue is captained by retired Coach Zaf Ahmed (odd years), and Team Garnet is captained by Director of College Counseling Janet Schneider (even years). The goal for each team is to reach 250 donations of any amount during the 24-hour challenge. 
Here is the link to participate in the Alumni Giving Challenge.

Community Conversations
One of the ways we build community at USN is through dialogue and an exchange of ideas. Many important topics including politics, public safety, poetry, athletics, and wellness will be discussed virtually during the Tiger Give Back Challenge Community Conversations. Please mark your calendar to join the conversations below. Here is the Zoom link to participate. 

Tiger Give Back Challenge Alumni Committee

Tiger Give Back Challenge Co-Chairs
Gail Carr Williams, USN Board of Trustees Former President
Nick Williams, Class of 2013, Former USN Faculty
Sneha Channabasappa Oakley, Class of 1994, Alumni Board President

Committee Member Name and Class Year

Shirley Hopton Cudabac    1964
Margo Paty Pickering    1964
Karen Ward Knox    1966
Shannon Paty    1968
Judy Hopton Lawrence    1968
Ed Turnley    1971
Patty Pangle Diehl    1971
Liza Beazley Lentz    1973
Matt Hills    1977
Simone Leblon    1978
Jennifer Mathews Smith    1978
Rich Levine    1980
Lisa Bourgeault    1980
Julie Orth Arnold    1981
Missi Shainberg Friedenberg    1981
Lori Greenbaum Fishel    1981
Harold Jordan    1981
Rick Ewing    1983
Tami Sprintz Hall    1983
Scott Ghertner    1985
Chris Chamberlain    1985
Tom Bailey    1985
Adrian Moore    1988
Melissa Cohen Rittenberg    1988
Celeste Snow Shepard    1988
Adele Simons    1988
Laurie Palmer Fleming    1989
Sara Lubow Fried    1991
Eric Jewett    1991
Joseph Horowitz    1993
Lisa Redding    1994
Christina West    1994
Ellie McCarley Keiper    1995
Nicole Brod    1995
Zaz Harris    1995
Sarah Cowperthwaite    1996
Sarah Schleicher Princehorn    1997
Erin Mosow    1998
David Silbert    1999
Brooks Daverman    1999
Sarah Nadler Wolf    1999
Nathalie Lavine    2000
Chris Kuzur    2001
Annie Schleicher Brinn    2001
Stephen Schelicher    2001
Jamie Hirsch Brook    2002
Desmond Campbell    2002
Julie Eskind Galbierz    2002
Lindsey Mossman Shaw    2002
B.J. Stein    2002
Kacey Fuldauer Millard    2003
Alex Loosen    2004
Anna Myint    2004
Scott Collins    2005
Leigh Ivey Hicks    2005
Naomi Patten    2006
Alison Douglas Reddy    2006
Dillon Goodson    2007
Polly Shepard Roffwarg    2007
Ellie Lentz    2008
Aliza Sir    2009
Kalpana Vallabhaneni    2009
James Miller    2010
Kelsey Magnuson    2011
Lindsey Khim    2012
Michael Becker    2016
Joe Noser    2016
Hannah Moore    2018
Jake Wolfson    2019
Sydney Stevenson    2019
    • Tigers are Great

      Tigers are Great

      Faculty filmed this video early in 2020 to debut in March for the original Tiger Give Back Challenge date, but like everything else, it was put on hold. It is such a fantastic example of the spirit and pride our faculty have for USN. They enthusiastically participated in this production. We hope it brings you a smile during these challenging days.

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