USN Rallies Hard but Falls Short to Valor

Lindsay Preston
After starting off a bit rusty in the first half, our USN Tigers came back with a vengeance in second, determined to play to their full potential. And that, they did. Alima Kassim blew past her defenders, scoring 9 points in the second half alone. Ona Moore's defense was intimidating, to say the least, and helped USN get some much needed steals and fast breaks. Kate Vaughn led the team at the point guard position, breaking down Valor's press and finding her open teammates. Betsy Bowles, Clara Smail, and Ainsley Moore provided some amazing defense, as Josie Whelan, Meggie Hayes and Chloe Cmelak stood their ground in the post positions against some extremely tall Valor players. And, thanks to Annie Cox, USN maintained their intensity until the final buzzer sounded. Although USN fell short in points, they never fell short of their drive to win and improve. This team never gives up, which makes them tough competition during this mid-season.

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