USNA Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Upkins

This month, we're thrilled to shine the USNA Volunteer Spotlight on Ashley Upkins who serves as the Cultural Collaborator for USNA.
In this pivotal role of Cultural Coordinator, USN parent Ashley Upkins is the liaison to the Office of Diversity and Community Life and other parent groups within the USN community. Let's get to know Ashley and shed some light on the importance of this vital role through a short Q&A session with USNA Volunteer Coordinator Melanie Block.
Q: How long have you been engaged with USN? 
A: I've been involved for 11 years now.  My son, Braylin Davis, is a sophomore.    
Q: What volunteer roles have you undertaken at USN? 
A:  Apart from being an involved parent, I've served on the USNA Executive Committee as the Cultural Collaborator, held the position of Black Parent Network President and hosted the BPN cookout, contributed as a volunteer for Artclectic and enjoyed participating in artist selection, assisted with Fall Book Frenzy, and engaged in numerous other activities. BPN is an affinity group within the USN community where members focus on initiatives relevant to their racial and ethnic backgrounds. If anyone is interested in participating in this group, they can contact me or Director of the Office of Diversity and Community Life Roderick White
Q: Do you have any advice for fellow parent volunteers? 
A: Volunteer as much or as little as your schedule permits, but definitely get involved.
Q: What aspect of USN do you appreciate the most? 
A: I admire USN's commitment to fostering family-wide participation.
Q: Apart from your USN involvement, what else fills your life? 
A: Outside of volunteering, I manage dispute resolution and litigation at Silicon Ranch, serve as Vice President of the National Bar Association, and indulge in my passion for British Murder Mysteries — that is, when I’m not cheering Braylin on at his various sporting events.

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