The Tigers are BACK IN ACTION!

After being away at HS retreats... The Tigers returned back to the court on Tuesday afternoon for a thrilling match against the FRA Panthers. The Tigers emerged victorious once again, although this time it was a much closer and intense battle compared to their previous encounter. Throughout the match, the Tigers encountered a HUGE challenge from the Panthers' strong blocking at the net. The Panthers seemed well-prepared to counter the Tigers' offensive plays, putting up a giant wall at the net that made it difficult for the Tigers to score offensively. This strong blocking presence forced the Tigers to adjust their strategies and find creative ways to navigate past the Panthers' defense. Another noteworthy aspect of the match was the Panthers' powerful hits from the right side of the court. This offensive approach was not as prominent during their first meeting, catching the Tigers off guard and putting them under significant pressure. The Panthers' right-side attacks tested the Tigers' defensive capabilities, and the Tigers had to rely on their agility and quick reactions to dig and defend against these powerful hits. Despite these challenges, the USN Tigers displayed their resilience and adaptability on the court. They managed to secure a hard-fought victory, showcasing their determination and teamwork. This victory not only highlights the Tigers' skill and versatility but also the competitive spirit of both teams in what was undoubtedly an exciting volleyball showdown.

Match Stats - - 

Kills: Tate (11), Meggie (6), Josie (6), Iris (5), Kareena (4), Maddie (3), Kati (1), Eva (1)
Blocks: Kati (3), Tate (2), Josie (1), Iris (1)
Digs: Eva (20), Kareena (18), Tate (15), Josie (12), Yvonne (8), Maddie (5), Meggie (4), Kati (1)
Aces: Meggie (5), Tate (3), Maddie (3)
Assists: Josie (36)

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