Communication is KEY

In a recent volleyball match between the Tigers and the MTCS Cougars, the Tigers faced significant challenges as they struggled with communication on the court. This key factor proved to be their downfall against the really talented MTCS Cougars who displayed a strong performance throughout the match.Miscommunications regarding passes, sets, and defensive assignments led to missed opportunities and easy points for the Cougars. The Cougars capitalized on the Tigers’ match struggles and won the match in 3 straight sets (11-25, 17-25, 12-25). The Tigers will reset and plan to bring their teamwork and communication skills back to play on Thursday against BGA at home.

Match Stats - - 

Kills: Maeve (13), Tate (9), Meggie (6), Maddie (6), Josie (5), Iris (4)
Blocks: Maeve (2), Iris (1) 
Digs: Eva (31), Tate (18), Tate (7), Maddie (8), Yvonne (6), Meggie (5), Josie (5), Elle (5), Iris (3), Maeve (3), Kareena (1)
Aces: Tate (6), Josie (4), Maddie (4), Meggie (3), Eva (3),  Maeve (1),
Assists: Josie (37)


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