The Tigers get their first district WIN!

The Tiger competed in their first home match of the season. The Columbia blue-themed supporters brought the energy and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. As the referee blew the whistle to start the first set, the Tigers burst onto the court with a fiery determination. Their tight serve receive, powerful offense, and their precise defense put the Tigers on top quickly and the Webb Feet did have a chance to leave mark. The Tigers won the fist set, 25-10! The second set saw a spirited response from The Webb School. The Feet tried their best to rally back and they were able to close the gap in the score, however, the Tigers came out on top again with a second set score of 25-21. Entering the third set, the Tigers were excited to be ahead, however, their serve receive proved to be an issue and they began the third set down 0-8. Although the Tigers battled hard to try and finish the match, the slow start and hole to dig out of was just too much and the Feet captured the third set victory (20-25). The Tigers knew they could not have the same start as the last set. They took the floor and started the fourth set on fire! They unleashed an onslaught of powerful serves, perfectly timed momentum stealing offensive plays, and HUGE blocks. The Webb School fought valiantly, but the Tigers' proved to be too much to handle. The Tigers won the fourth set 25-17. The first home match of the season was a resounding success for the Tigers. Their victory in four hard-fought sets against The Webb School showcased their dedication, teamwork, and skill. The USN fans played an essential role, providing unwavering support that encouraged the Tigers to keep pushing until the end. The coaches and players are grateful for the support! The Tigers next home match is Thursday, August 24th vs. the 2022 State Champions, Battle Ground Academy. Go Tigers! 

Match Stats - - 

Kills: Tate (8), Josie (7), Maeve (6), Meggie (5), Iris (4), Maddie (2), Kati (1)
Blocks: Josie (4),Maeve (2), Maddie (1) 
Digs: Eva (17), Kareena (14), Josie (9), Tate (7), Yvonne (4), Maeve (4), Maddie (2), Kati (1), Iris (1)
Aces: Maeve (3), Maddie (2), Tate (2), Josie (1), Meggie (1), Yvonne (1)
Assists: Josie (33)

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