We gotta bring it!

Katie Roth
As we learn new skills it's up to us to try them in games! That willingness to fail will lead to better opportunities and chances of success. This loss shows what happens when we are afraid to try and when we are afraid to fail.
This game was tough due to the lack of aggressiveness on offense. There were many moments in this game where we had awesome help defense and continuous help rotations. However, if we can’t score and keep our composure on offense it hinders the momentum we build from those well earned defensive stops. A positive is that our rebounding was better in the game. While we still aren’t getting many offensive rebounds, we kept BGA off our glass which minimized their second chance points! As we continue to grow throughout the season, as long as we are doing our due diligence and improving every single practice and game, then we will set ourselves up for success in the future. While we aren’t playing at a high level YET, we can continue to chase those standards every time we touch a basketball and get on that court!  

FG 2s: 4/22 → Not only did we not shoot well, we didn’t try to shoot. The lack of attempts is more disappointing than the actual efficiency 
FG 3s: 0/7 → I’m glad we are looking for the open 3s and taking advantage of the opportunities 
TOs: 18 → Rough stat, definitely felt the pressure and played into their defensive strategy. We need to slow down the game and pass into their hands. Find the space and pass ahead
Fouls: 11 → Usually this would be a good stat, but based on the rest of the game it just indicates we weren’t being aggressive on defense
Rebounds: 14 → Better than the Ensworth and even with just 14 rebounds we didn’t allow BGA control the boards. So if we get that stat to 20 or more it will keep momentum in our favor
Steals: 5 → A solid stat

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