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Katie Roth
What a rough game. It wasn’t a bad game, because there were a lot of great things, but it was easy to see how all the players were disheartened when they knew we could’ve played better. But that’s the thing about sports, the amount of skill + focus + discipline is hard for those who haven’t done it over-and-over again, and it was clear that St. Matthews did their stuff over-and-over again (or at least more than we have). At this point in the season we are focusing on what we can do in those tough situations and practicing overcoming them. We need to learn how to string together stops and be patient on offense to get the best shot we can. When we can slow down the game into individual possessions rather than just playing, it will let us dictate the pace of the game rather than just going with the flow the other team sets. On the bright side, we were able to execute our press pretty well, we just needed to maintain that aggressive fervor, and our press break wasn’t bad either! They beat us on silly miscommunication and lack of rebounding. We are a defensive team until our offense gets better/until our shots fall more frequently, so that’s where our attention to detail needs to be. As winter break approaches, watch some women’s basketball highlights (college or wnba), get some shots up, review the plays, play 1v1 with a family member, but take that time to find something to improve on. Keep your heads up, because this is a season worth struggling through. 

FG 2s: 6/33 → 18% from the field is pretty rough; our season goal get to 25%
FG 3s: 1/3 → 33% from 3 is really good for MS so great job!!! 
TOs: 16 → Can live with this, shows aggressiveness, but not silly decisions! 
Fouls: 11 → Great job! Great pressure without fouling!

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