Ugh, so close!

Katie Roth
Ugh, so close! A tough loss when we could've been more competitive.
Wow, just a crazy game! We got sooooo many shot attempts and had a bunch of opportunities to take and extend the lead, but for every great play we made a silly one followed. St. Cecilia took advantage of our defensive miscommunications and in some cases found themselves wide open on the block without anyone guarding them. We made some great offensive adjustments to handle their 1-2-2 defense, but again, all the shots we took weren’t falling! While it was definitely a frustrating outcome, this will end up being a good loss for us. It highlights what we are doing right, what we need to do better, and what new things can be added! 

FG 2s: ?
FG 3s: ?
Steals: ?
TOs: ?
Fouls: 11 → Great job! Great pressure without fouling!

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