A win is a win...

Katie Roth
A tough win, an ugly win, but a win is a win!
This was an odd game. We got a lot of shots up, had great plays, and we made great adjustments against St. Cecilia’s 1-2-2 press and their half court defense. Yet we were never able to settle into our own pace. St. Cecilia owned the momentum and pace throughout the game. Their offense was fast and their defense was rambunctious, a completely different pace than Pope Prep and while we hung around we were never able to be comfortable. The most impressive thing for our team was the ability to break St. Cecilia’s press and find better opportunities in transition. It was an eye opening game for myself and the team! I hope we can take it as a learning opportunity to find what we’re good at and use it to our advantage, not play into what the opponent wants us to do. 

FG 2s: ?
FG 3s: ?
Steals: ?
TOs: ?
Fouls: 14 → Better! Based on the officiating, we adjusted well to their calls and St. Cecilia’s aggressiveness

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