How can we prepare this team to succeed?

Katie Roth
A fun loss against a very interesting Pope Prep team, 19-34.
The best way to annoy me is to focus on the other team (that's my job). A player’s job is to play their game and then make adjustments as the game goes on/as they learn more about the opposing team. But to make preconceived notions based on looks or reputation of a team is going to lead to bad starts. That nerves, excitement, plus seeing a bunch of middle schoolers be over 5’8” led to early self doubt and a losing mindset. The first quarter reflected that negative mindset. However, throughout the second quarter a collective team effort – being aggressive and having great help-side defense – brought the game game closer at half time. What caused the most damage was Pope Prep throwing a diamond press at us. Unfortunately I did not prepare them for that type of press, so that extra pressure led to steals and extra possessions for Pope Prep. While we were able to make some adjustments we weren’t able to find that momentum again and make a concerted push as a team to get the game back to single digits. Despite the loss, this game energized our team. We are focusing on having that positive, growth mindset and finding ways we can grow every game, every practice, and every drill. I’m super excited for our growth, so come along for the ride!  

FG 2s: 9/30 → We need to take our time and make the easy shots & need to shoot more
FG 3s: 0/11 → We'll get better at 3s, but glad we have the confidence to shoot them! 
Steals: 5 → Such an incredible stat!!!
TOs: 13 → For MS this is a solid number, ideally we get this to be 9 or 10, but this is a great place to start, but we will be focusing on dribbling under pressure and how to make better passes
Team Fouls: 22 → Just a bad stat, we can't foul this much and limit our players playing time

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