What a great first game!

Katie Roth
Lost 14-25, but the pieces are there to make some amazing strides as the season goes on!
If you weren't excited after watching this JV game then you weren't there or you don't like basketball. The first game of the season is always hard due to nerves and excitement, and that chaotic energy really showed in the half. Early on we got in foul trouble, most notably keeping Zivah Soto and Lydia Kim on the bench, which limited the team'ss offense. However, Maya Parikh and Greta Molvig kept Pope Prep's defense on its heels with some great drives and layups! The most impressive part of the game was the defense. Ruchika Ramachandran had 3 blocks by herself! She really anchored our defense the majority of the game. While there were many bright spots the next thing to tackle is how to guard offenses with a lot of screens, rebounding, and being stronger with our dribbling. It's going to be an exciting season! 

FG 2s: 7/29 --> We need to take our time and make the easy shots & need to shoot more
FG 3s: 0/3 --> We'll get better at 3s, but glad we have the confidence to shoot them! 
Blocks: 6 --> Such an incredible stat, we'd get more if we move our feet and keep a wide defensive stance
TOs: 14 --> We need to improve our dribbling under pressure, need to make better passes, need to meet the ball, but honestly not a bad first game stat 
Team Fouls: 16 --> A bad stat. We can't foul this much and limit our players playing time

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