McMullan Scholars conclude campaign against sex trafficking

Greta Matthies '22, William Grobmyer '22, Lia Payne '22, and Ava Cason '22 are grateful to the High School community for its many contributions to their successful CNN Freedom Day Project to raise awareness on sex trafficking and corresponding supply drive for local nonprofit Thistle Farms.
By Greta Matthies '22

On Monday, April 4, the McMullan Scholars — Greta Matthies '22, William Grobmyer '22, Lia Payne '22, and Ava Cason '22 — concluded their supply drive for Thistle Farms. The McMullan Scholars are a small group of students selected at the end of their junior year for their demonstrated leadership and academic excellence. This year's scholars were empowered to launch the drive as part of CNN's Freedom Day Project aimed at spreading awareness on sex trafficking. 

In March, the High School student body received educational advisory programming, heard an incredible speech from Thistle Farms Founder Becca Stevens, and participated in the drive by collecting various items for Thistle Farms.

Stevens' speaking event was the first time that the entire High School student body gathered in the Auditorium since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020; it was incredibly impactful for our school community. The McMullan Scholars held an intimate conversation for  parents, faculty, and alumni to hear from Stevens and a survivor also.

Greta, William, Lia, and Ava would like to thank everyone who helped support the victims of sex trafficking by donating. Thistle Farms will receive over 35 bags of necessities to provide to its survivors.

For parents and alumni that want to hear more about the McMullan Scholars work, you can view the video here, which was featured on CNN’s website. To support Thistle Farms by purchasing the organization's products or to learn more about its mission, visit the website here
    • Lia Payne '22, Ava Cason '22, William Grobmyer '22, and Greta Matthies '22 take a photo to capture the classroom overflowing with donations for their supply drive for local nonprofit Thistle Farms.

    • The High School gathers in the Auditorium to hear from Thistle Farms Founder Becca Stevens.

    • A snapshot of the intimate meeting held for parents, faculty, staff, and alumni to learn more about sex trafficking from Thistle Farms Founder Becca Stevens and a survivor.

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