Artclectic celebrates success

Artclectic’s 25th-anniversary show combined stunning art with festive gatherings and the chance to reconnect in-person with USN family and friends.
By Susan Chapman, Artclectic Coordinator

Artclectic’s 25th-anniversary show combined stunning art with festive gatherings and the chance to reconnect in-person with USN family and friends. So many people helped to make the weekend a success, thereby supporting USN’s work to educate children and build community in Nashville.

“Artclectic is like Thanksgiving for our school community. We can all celebrate it — show up to see the fabulous art, embrace each other and support our teachers and the school,” said Melanie Block and Tory Fitzgibbon, Artclectic 2021’s Co-Chairs. “This event takes so many volunteers and so many hours of work every year but when it all comes together, it feels like magic. Our hope is that more parents mark their calendars to attend and find time to volunteer. We want to thank everyone again who showed up to make the 25th anniversary of Artclectic as joyful as it was.”

A few thousand people descended on USN’s campus throughout the weekend. They bought enough artwork to this year the fourth-highest grossing sales in the show's 25-year history and impressed artists with their knowledge of art and their thoughtful questions about processes and motivations.

“I just wanted to give you, your team and all the volunteers a big thanks for a wonderful Artclectic,” wrote participating artist Andrew Johnson. “This is a first-class show! No detail is overlooked. And what I really like is that the artists are treated like royalty.”

Possibly one of the best events was the return of Education Day. Hundreds of curious art-loving students toured the gallery asking thoughtful questions and picking out their favorite pieces.

Eighty-seven percent of art buyers had some connection to USN as parents, staff, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, and other friends. In all, 46% of income came from art sales, with another 29% from patrons' tickets and donations and 25% from sponsors.

Best of all, we anticipate making a significant contribution to the Artclectic Endowment Fund for Innovative Teaching.
    • Kindergartners visit Artclectic on Education Day, Friday, Oct. 22.

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