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Heath Team Director Margee Brennan, MD addresses families as the prevalence of the coronavirus delta variant continues to evolve. Read on for how your student can potentially prevent the need to quarantine.
By Margee Brennan, Health Team Director

In case the impending start of the new school year wasn't already top of mind, the influx of emails filled with important back-to-school information landing in each of your inboxes have no doubt served as a reminder that our summers are coming to a close. In any year, all that information can seem overwhelming, and I am the first to admit that it doesn't help that medical and public health information regarding COVID-19 is ever evolving, seeming as though it changes by the minute. Just days away from welcoming students back to 2000 Edgehill, I hope to shed some light on a few areas that have not been covered in other communications with the added caveat that it may very well change tomorrow. 

Foremost on my list of concerns is the importance of keeping your student's information up to date in Magnus Health. The Health Team relies on this information when caring for your child, and our ability to do that properly depends on the accuracy of that information. Please be sure to review, update, and sign the Magnus account for each of your enrolled students. 

If your student is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and has been vaccinated, please make sure you upload a completed copy of their vaccination card to Magnus. If you have any problems uploading your card, please reach out to the Health Room and/or email a copy of the card. If your student is vaccine eligible and not vaccinated, please contact me so that you do not continue to receive email reminders about submitting your vaccination card. Having proof of COVID-19 vaccination in Magnus will help your student avoid the 7-10 day quarantine if identified as a close contact at school. 

Additionally, we continue to revise our strategy for PE and athletics. In many cases, guidelines will vary by activity, and more significantly, by grade. Given the high rate of vaccination among our 12+ population in grades 7-12, athletics at those levels will begin to look more like standard operations, and students of all ages will have the option of playing outside unmasked. 

Similarly, our high rates of vaccination allow for a slightly higher comfort level when participating in performing arts classes than that of last year. Nonetheless, we proceed cautiously and maintain guidelines in theater, band, and other performing arts courses that closely align with those of the 2020-2021 school year. Artists will perform while distanced and/or masked, and outside practice and productions will remain our best course of action. 

We're operating under considerable caution in all aspects of daily school life due to the prevalence of the delta variant. We'll adjust our plan accordingly and encourage you to remain vigilant against the virus in the name of public health. The Health Team will continue to be an available resource for your COVID-19 questions, and we are available Monday through Friday during regular school hours for testing as needed. Weekend testing may be available by appointment only.

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