Don’t Let This Happen to You

When making your plans for Spring Break, take notes from international headlines during the recent winter storm.
Not that your friends would share your text messages with The New York Times (would they?), but elements of that story from Houston/Cancun last week now resonate through schools nationwide. I am suppressing a degree of schadenfreude, knowing that’s not a healthy way to go. But the timing is kind of perfect — we’ve been sending the message about mass travel, crowded destinations, and CDC quarantine expectations. Then the junior senator from Texas sets the exactly contraindicated example.
In case your media habits are elevated sufficiently not to have even seen the story, here’s a link to what happened. Suffice to say that skipping town, citing children’s demands for a break as the reason, without any clear commitment to staying home and testing after return, did not play well. Talk about a cautionary tale. Kind of a gift, really.
The takeaways, as Spring Break approacheth:
  1. We’re not making this stuff up, and we haven’t from the start (our brilliant Medical Advisory Board sees to that) — everyone in the K-12 world is buzzing about the topic.
  2. We forecast, with Nashville’s numbers diminishing to where we stood in late October, that the next big spike might follow the vacation week — heaven forbid.
  3. We still regularly get calls from worried USN community members who saw/heard about a student or family flying around the country for some purpose, asking if we could confirm that there were plans to quarantine thereafter. Really, it happens pretty much weekly, this week included.
So the ask is that you please take all that to heart. We’re doing our level best to keep things rolling, getting the little and the big things right, striving for the consensus that makes school possible. And as ever, with pooled testing resuming on campus and 150+ faculty and staff getting their first vaccination, we count on your good sense and community spirit.
Here’s another test we can pass. I like our chances. Just call if you’re not sure.
Keeping this message on repeat,
Vince Durnan
    • Director Vince Durnan receives his first COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday, February 20 along with other Davidson Co. educators.

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