Lower School students return to Hassenfeld

Kindergarten, first, and second grade students begin visiting the library in person.
By Emily Theobald, Lower School Librarian

We were so excited to have our youngest Tigers back in the library this week. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classes began to visit the Hassenfeld Library as part of their enrichment rotations.  

Students are busy learning the new guidelines to library usage as they prepare for checking out their own books in the near future. In order to adhere to USN’s COVID-19 guidelines, seating areas are clearly marked and each class is divided during browsing time. This enables Library Assistant Kristin Frank and me to keep a close eye on students as they move safely around the library. Students sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the library as well as when they change activities or finish browsing shelves.

Soon these students will come home with books in their library book bags, and third and fourth graders will tuck library books securely into their backpacks. When books are returned they will be quarantined for the required four days before being reshelved for the next patron. Please help us keep our shelves stocked by returning books each week.  

Students are adapting to their new designated squares, which serve as their personal spot in which to read and learn. Acrylic dividers enable students to share tables while enjoying library-related activities. It’s also quite fun to watch them use their zombie arms, airplane arms, and Frankenstein arms as they transition as a group.  Be sure to ask your Lower School student for a demonstration.
    • Library Director Mary Buxton welcomes Lower School students back to Hassenfeld Library.

    • Students quickly adapt to new seating arrangements in adherence to changes at school..

    • Lower School students eagerly select books and enjoy reading during their enrichment rotations.

    • Acrylic dividers enable students to share tables and read together.

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