Home health screening critical for school COVID-19 mitigation

Families must use the Magnus Mobile app to self-report health information for their students daily, regardless of whether the student is coming to campus, engaged in remote learning, or home sick. Please report your student's health information through the Magnus Mobile app:
if your student is returning to in-person classes — before 7:15 a.m.
if your student is participating in a school activity — before 7:15 a.m.
if your student is learning remotely — as early as reasonable for your family
on sick days — as early as reasonable for your family
on weekends — will soon be required, but not possible at this time
Why? Please read on for details.
Thank you for your understanding and patience during this gradual return to in-person classes. We've learned from medical professionals that best practice for campus safety and COVID-19 mitigation is to have families to self-assess each day. USN is working to get a baseline of our community health. Once Magnus adds features for weekend reporting, USN will ask families to share health information seven days a week.

We are requesting this information in the early morning hours so that it can be aggregated before classes begin. Few USN administrators have access to health information shared through Magnus and must manually run reports to share with faculty & coaches which students should/should not be present for school activities.
Click here for directions and here for a short video tutorial on how to use the Magnus Mobile app.

Families who see the final screen with the green "GO" icon may bring their students to USN and participate in school events that day. If you see a red "STOP" icon, your student should stay home that day. USN administrators will review this information each morning to confirm who should be on campus and attend a school-sponsored activity.

If you have questions on Magnus or issues with the self-reporting process, please email your Division Office: Annie Stewart for Lower School; Caroline Campbell for Middle School; Debbie Fulcher for High School.
    • Families must share their students' health information daily through the Magnus Mobile app.

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