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Visit for the full listing of K-12 offerings and to register at a nominal fee. It includes some programming around the Black Lives Matter movement, and additional curricula will be added in the weeks ahead.
By Vince Durnan, Director

We are busy working on the next set of initiatives following on last week's preliminary conversations about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement in our programs at school. We will continue to reach out to students, parents, colleagues, and alumni in coming weeks, understanding the power of this time to move initiatives forward in our curriculum, our efforts to build a faculty that better represents the backgrounds of our students, expand our community partnerships in the city, and strengthen the cultural competence of everyone at USN. 
Some of that energy will be evident in the program options included in this remote version of summer at USN. Others will be announced and promoted by our Office of Diversity and Community Life, in addition to the respective Division Offices. We're committed to making the most of the next two months as we prepare to return to classes in August. 

Once we knew that on-campus summer programs were highly unlikely given the phased reopening of the city, wheels began turning about whether we could muster something on short notice as a remote option.
For the past few weeks, our dedicated faculty have been suggesting topic areas that might be of interest, even as they closed out the academic year with myriad other tasks. What resulted is the following pulled-together roster of activities/programs we can offer to provide some opportunities in the next several weeks. 
Certainly no ordinary summer, and certainly no pressure if you need a Zoom hiatus, but here you go. We've attached very nominal charges for each course, largely as a way to say thank you for all the efforts at home this spring on your part. And while teachers will be compensated, you should know that this will be no windfall for anyone from that perspective.
We're just trying to do what we can. Please review these offerings on an accelerated timetable and look for us to start by June 15. This whole effort should be filed under both the "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the very good" and the "community matters" headings.
Email questions to Summer Camps Director Greg Anderson and Assistant Director Jason Shuster.

Here are additional virtual resources recommended by USN faculty for parents:

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