Two mindful parenting courses offered

Editor's Note on March 13, 2020: As USN has suspended all on-campus events until further notice and moved to remote learning, these mindful parenting courses have been canceled.
By Mary Agee, Mindfulness Coordinator

Register for the three-session series on Wednesday evenings or the six-week series on Monday mornings. Both options explore how to bring more mindful awareness into your parenting or grandparenting.

The new three-week series will be a different take on the popular six-week Mindful Parenting and Grandparenting class that we have been offering since 2011. Many parents have requested an evening offering of the class, so we are excited to offer this series on the first three Wednesdays of April from 6 to 8 p.m. at USN.

Raising children comes with unique challenges and joys. Together we’ll explore how it feels to approach these experiences through a mindful lens, with open-hearted curiosity and compassion towards our children and ourselves. While mindfulness isn’t a cure-all, most people find that with regular practice they become more present in their lives and more consistently able to find some peace and well-being amidst the chaos that can be modern family life.

Parents themselves, facilitators Paloma Cain and Mary Agee bring a depth of experience, wisdom and humor.

The learning objectives are to:
  • gain a basic understanding of mindfulness, including research and benefits,
  • experience an array of practices so you can discover which ones work for you, and
  • connect with a like-minded community that can help the parenting journey feel less lonely.
Additional opportunities to practice together once you've completed the course.

Please email Mindfulness Coordinator Mary Agee if you have any questions. Registration links are in the gray box above.

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