Tech Bytes: How to sanitize your digital devices

In a column previously shared with Middle School families, MS Educational Technologist Kari Luecke tells how you can put a new spin on “spring cleaning” by cleaning your smartphones, laptops, and other technology.
By Kari Luecke, MS Educational Technologist
Sanitizer. Alcohol wipes. Clorox. Singing “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” twice before turning off the faucet with a paper towel — all familiar hygienic practices and supplies we’ve grown to appreciate. And we have the cracking, dry hands to prove it.

As we’re all taking precautionary steps to keep our families well, check out some of these device-cleaning and general sanitizing tips.

Laptop/iPad/Tablet TV Screens as well as Cell Phones and Smart Watches
Suggested brands or generics: Endust, Zeiss, Nice’nClean
  • Remove the outer protective case, if applicable. Power off.
  • Lightly wipe the screen, using a lens-safe or electronic-safe screen wipe. Repeat.
Attached & External Keyboards, Wired or Bluetooth Mice, All Device Chargers, Device Cases and Remotes for Household Electronics
Suggestion: Use a towel and 91% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol or Alcohol Prep Pads (Curad, Care Touch or generic)
  • Wring out excess alcohol, as to not cause unintentional internal damage.
  • For keyboards or remotes, carefully wipe the keys first. Turn upside down to knock out the yucky stuff, and repeat. Use a cotton swab and alcohol if needed for all areas in between keys/buttons. Let air dry.
  • For laptop trackpads, mice & bricks/chargers, carefully wipe down with alcohol. Repeat if desired.
  • Slide alcohol wipe down all cables and cords to remove remaining residue.
  • DIY Sanitizer or DIY Natural Sanitizer because whoever thought store shelves would be sold out?
Apple claims it’s now safe to use disinfectant wipes on your iPhone. See how.
    • Middle School Educational Technologist Kari Luecke

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