Seniors create French magazine

Click here to read "En Quelques Mots ..." as designed, illustrated, and composed of articles by students in advanced French classes.
By Juanita I.C. Traughber, Communications Director and Richard Espenant, French Teacher
Students in Richard Espenant’s new French V class have published their first French magazine, "En Quelques Mots ... ," which translates to “in a few words.”
Claudia Bennett ’20, Madeline Bennett ’20, Connar Calhoun ’20, Campbell Luschen ’20, Sam Mabry ’20, Raleigh Parr ’20, Waverly Tibbott ’20, and Hannah West ’20 wrote the articles that Espenant then edited. AP French students Timothy Hays '20, Annie Jacobs '20, Isabella Lutes '20, Arushi Mehta '20, Kailey Nichols '20, Lilly Woo '20, Aasha Zinke '20 also were invited to submit articles.
Waverly designed the Moulin Rouge-inspired cover, and Hannah volunteered to layout the entire publication.
The magazine covers current events and school news, including the coronavirus, President Donald Trump’s impeachment, Hollywood awards season, the Homecoming dance, French Club, cross country, and lacrosse. French students plan to publish new editions of "En Quelques Mots ..." monthly.
    • The French V class poses with their first edition of "En Quelques Mots ...."

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