USNA needs you

Consider volunteering with USNA for a few minutes or a few hours during the 2019-2020 school year.
by Tonia Klein, USNA president & Melissa Flatt, volunteer coordinator

As spring blows softly in, the trees blossom, the bees buzz in the flowers, and we can finally wear our shorts, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on another fabulous year at USN — and in looking back, find what role you can best play at USN in 2019-2020.

USN’s strength is in its community. And speaking of the change in seasons, seasoned volunteers, encourage a friend or new family to volunteer. You all are part of our USN community and our USN success. There is a place for everyone, be it a few minutes or a few hours, big roles and small: helping hands, room parents, and social host are but a few opportunities. Take a minute and find the best fit for you using the links below. Specific additional volunteer opportunities are forthcoming in August.

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