Tigers Edge St. Paul's to Claim HVAC Championionship

Coach Mayo
Well there is an old saying that it is good to save the best for last.  Our young 6th Grade TIGERS are HVAC Single A Champions.  All our season we have stressed six goals for our players.  The goals are to be a better person, a better teammate. a better basketball player, a better listener, show respect and finally finish.  Although we are not perfect in reaching these goals we came very close tonight.  I am extremely proud of every TIGER who wore the USN colors tonight.  Our guys won the HVAC Tournament Championship at the opponent's home floor.  We were due to win and win we did.  If you were not there you missed one for the ages.  Of course I know the USN Community cannot go to all games but our 6th graders represented USN as well as they could.  We were not perfect but we got better and better.  Our guys had tournament fever and never let it go. We beat St. Paul's, 44-33. 
Our first half was a dream come true.  We started on fire and kept it going the whole first half.  There is another saying I have heard that says "if it ain't broke don't try to fix it." I know that is not correct grammar but the meaning is still true.  Our guys came out on fire and had 30 points in the first half while holding St. Paul's to just eight. We were excited but we knew St. Paul would not give up and they did not. They came out determined and focused.  We had our run and we cooled down.  We gathered ourselves and became determined St. Paul was not going to take from us what we had earned. I heard one of their parents tell another parent who was coming to pick up one of their players after the game that St. Paul won the second half.  Well that is true but USN won the first half and the game.
Individually we had several stars and in my book every USN player was a star. First, it is good when every player gets in and contributes.  Whether a player scores or not, every player helped us win this game.  It was a team win. All our guys were pulling for each other on the bench and on the floor.  Individually our starters got us going offensively.  One thIng I have learned is that points are the chief reasons for winning basketball games.  Now that may make you say well duh.  Still you can make many mistakes but if you put the ball in the basket that makes up for many mistakes.  Case in point is our semifinal game against BGA. Unbelievably we had 32 turnovers.  I still cannot believe we won because of that stat.  Still we put more points in the basket than BGA.  So in basketball you have to outscore your opponent to win the game.  
Henry Grindon scored 10 points for the Tigers and finds a way to contribute with points as afore mentioned, Clay Payne also scored 4 points and absolutely was a workhorse on the boards.  He had 10 rebounds.  Liam Schnelle also worked hard inside getting position for rebounds with 4 needed rebounds and 2 needed points.  I have continued to be amazed at Nicholas Spigel.  What a contribution tonight.  Although Nicholas did not start tonight I could not have been any prouder of him. He could have felt slighted for not starting tonight but instead he came in and hit two critical threes and another two points that was a dagger into St. Paul late  in the game. We all were glad to get Aaman Anderson back tonight who had missed the BGA and he helped getting a big three and a beautiful layup for two.  What can I say about Camerin Hinsey.  He lead our team tonight and just refused to lose. Camerin had 15 points.  He scored three 3 pointers and had three 2 pointers.  He also battled several double team challenges and came out on top for the most part as well as 4 rebounds. Jake Froshin also played well and I believe will only get better as he moves on to become a 7th grader.  Asher Hirt  and Atticus Pflaum impressed me as they encouraged all our players.  Rojan Ehrig certainly showed he was all in for the team.  He totally demonstrated goal 2 of being a better teammate. 
Our TIGERS all made goal number 6. They finished.  I am thankful for the time I have had to be with them.  As I told them years from now they can reflect back and remember what it was like to be a champion,  When they come back to USN and walk by the Middle School Trophy Case they can smile and remember this season and this championship and smile again.  I am grateful for all the support we have received and I want to thank all the parents and the Athletic support we have received.  Also a special thanks to Coach Anderson for helping us everyday at practice.  Thanks also to Josh Scouten for his support and the good season he has had with the 6th Grade Girls.  I will miss being with the guys but I know even better days are ahead for all of them.  I want to encourage everyone to come to the Winter Sports Awards night in the future.  With this I will say Good By and GO TIGERS GO!

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