'Mostly Crows' exhibit open in Tibbott through April

Visitors to campus will find the walls of the Tibbott Gallery adorned with the eye-catching works of local painter Tim Hooper now through Saturday, April 30. A reception for the exhibit will be held on Thursday, April 21 from 4–6 p.m.
By Trent Boysen, Arts Department Co-Chair

University School of Nashville's Arts Department is thrilled to announce the latest exhibition in the Tibbott Gallery, "Mostly Crows" by painter Tim Hooper. Hooper, whose painting style is heavily influenced by his background in cartooning, comic strips, and graffiti, will present his work now through Satuday, April 30. 
"Sometime last year, a group of four crows showed up in my front yard. The crows appeared at about the same time every morning cawing and creating a ruckus. I became fascinated with these birds, imagining that they were some sort of gang or family," Hooper reflected on the inspiration for his fowl-focused exhibition.

Indeed the work is mostly crows, but a few unexpected characters are weaved in, reminiscent of his earlier works. And, as Hooper pointed out, he's not the first to find birds muse-worthy, joining the ranks of countless creatives who've featured birds in their works ranging from whimsical songs about bluebirds to Edgar Allen Poe's macabre poem about a raven. 

Already a part of the USN community, as he's married to Assistant Director of Technology Krista Malloy, Hooper looks forward to getting to know USN more. He will join Middle School and High School art classes to discuss his work and technique, and a reception for Hooper will take place at the end of April with further details forthcoming. 

Families interested in viewing "Mostly Crows" are welcome to view the exhibit during regular school operating hours and should follow standard guidelines for visiting campus.
    • "Grant Wood with a Crow" by Tim Hooper

    • The Tibbott Gallery features "Mostly Crows" a new exhibit from local painter Tim Hooper.

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