Artclectic: USN's Annual Art Show

October 22-24, 2020

With a solid reputation for showcasing both established and emerging artists, Artclectic lives up to its name with a diverse assortment of juried exhibitors in a lively setting. For over two decades, a host of artists from around the country has converged in our gymnasium-turned-gallery each October to showcase and sell their art, provide hands-on education for our students, and raise money for the Artclectic Endowment for Innovative Teaching. Generous crowds of patrons from the greater Nashville area look forward to the rich mix of media, unique in style and price.
In addition to attracting thousands of visitors, the show provides valuable art education for University School of Nashville students and the Nashville community through such enriching experiences as demonstrations, class tours, and hands-on workshops. And, most importantly, proceeds from the event are earmarked for the Artclectic Endowment Fund for Innovative Teaching. This fund supports curricular innovation and classroom excellence.


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