Introduction to the High School

USN's high school provides a dynamic college-preparatory curriculum in the tradition of the Liberal Arts, emphasizing breadth and depth of study across a range of disciplines and providing unique opportunities for advanced courses and independent study.

The high school is informed by a philosophy that puts students at the center of their learning in a dynamic environment where they are challenged to think critically and engage actively in their own education. While preparation for college is central, the mission of the High School is to lead students to become thoughtful citizens who are responsible to and respectful of themselves and others.

A vital part of the school’s mission is to promote individuals of personal integrity and character who take responsibility for the quality of their own lives and who recognize that they are part of a global community. Beyond its academic goals consistent with a college preparatory education, the faculty is committed to supporting students who will be poised for success yet able to cope with difficulties; will recognize the importance of inter-dependence as well as independence, of cooperation was well as competition; and will choose to move toward a higher vision of what they can accomplish in their lives.

The Student Declaration of Values, a document written by students and serving as the foundation of student culture, asserts, “We, members of the University School Community, value intellectual integrity, respect personal rights, and accept the responsibility for our freedom.” This statement reflects the trust which our faculty have in their students and the high standards to which students hold themselves.

HS Administrators and Staff

List of 12 members.

  • Quinton Walker 

    Head of High School
    (615) 321-8012
    Vanderbilt University - Ed.D.
    University of Michigan - M.A.
    Duke University - B.A.
    Started at USN: 2016
  • Deborah Fulcher 

    Administrative Assistant to Head of H.S.
    (615) 321-8012
    Tennessee Technological University - B.S. Education
    Started at USN: 1996
  • Jeffrey Edmonds 

    HS Academic Dean & HS Physics/Philosophy Teacher
    (615) 321-8007
    Vanderbilt - PhD
    Williams College - B.A.
    Started at USN: 2013
  • Nicole Jules 

    High School Dean of Students
    (615) 321-8024
    Belmont University - M.S.A.
    Vanderbilt University - B.A.
    Started at USN: 2007
  • Justin Karpinos 

    HS Dean of Student Life
    (615) 277-7486
    Kenyon College - B.A.
    Started at USN: 2007
  • Dana Mayfield 

    Freshman Class Dean and High School English Teacher
    (615) 321-8012
    University of Dayton - M.A.
    University of Dayton - B.A.
    Started at USN: 2014
  • Robin Lynn Clinard 

    Junior Class Dean and HS French Teacher
    (615) 321-8012
    University of Illinois - Masters + 30
    University of Rochester - BA
    University School of Nashville - HS diploma
    Started at USN: 1997
    USN Class of 1988
  • Matthew Haber 

    Sophomore Class Dean & HS History Teacher
    (615) 321-8012
    Washington University - M.A.
    Washington University - B.A.
    Started at USN: 2005
    USN Class of 1998
  • Debbie Van Slyke 

    High School Learning Specialist
    (615) 277-1120
    Vanderbilt University - PhD
    Franklin & Marshall College - B.A.
    Started at USN: 2013
  • Beth Eberl 

    High School Counselor
    (615) 321-8005
    Cambridge College - C.A.G.S.
    Boston College - MA
    Started at USN: 2013
  • Janet Schneider 

    Director of College Counseling and Senior Class Dean
    (615) 321-8020
    Vanderbilt University - M.A.T.
    Vanderbilt University - B.A.
    Started at USN: 1973
  • Josh Scouten 

    Athletic Director
    (615) 732-6700
    Middle Tennessee State University - MS
    Messiah College - BA
    Started at USN: 2007

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