Vocal Music

The University School of Nashville vocal music program serves our middle school and high school students grades 6-12. The program offers a variety of courses that allow students to explore vocal health, music history, songwriting, performing, and much more! Music literacy, knowledge of vocal styles and genres, and an awareness and appreciation of our musical heritage are fostered, as well as the team experience of functioning within an ensemble.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of students who may not desire to perform, but are interested in other aspects of vocal music. They also provide a nurturing atmosphere where students, who want to perform, may explore and find their true voices while expanding and improving their musicianship, no matter the level of experience. 
Students who enroll in classes with a performance component have opportunities to showcase their work in class in order to receive praise, support, and feedback. They also get to experience performing in front of an audience outside of our classroom. Each singer is encouraged to take risks and support others who do so, with the ultimate goal of producing well-rounded, confident musicians. 
We have been building a music industry component into the vocal music program to include a music recording class and music video production.

Check out some of our student work below!

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