The University School of Nashville High School Theatre Program endeavors to provide a complete and multi-faceted theatre education, exposing students to technical, acting, playwriting, dramaturgical and directorial opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom.

High School
Through participation in the classroom setting, students come to understand that theatre is a many-layered and intricate performing art form while also learning the significance theatre has played, and continues to play, in the cultural development of the world. Outside of the classroom, students are provided with many different opportunities to develop in performance including technical work, acting, directing, and writing.

These opportunities develop both social and practical skills for each individual student to use in their lives long after graduation. USN's High School Theatre Program also strives for excellence in its productions to instill a deep appreciation and respect for the workings of the Stage.

Middle School
The Middle School Theatre Program can be described with these three words: educational, practical, and inclusive. Educationally, this program provides opportunities to learn about all aspects of theatre on stage and off. Many classes include Improv Theatre, Tech Theatre, Musical Theatre, and more to allow the students to become artistically informed. 

Practically, the program gives students hands-on skills that will help them as performers/creators and also provide skills that will have a life long effect. Inclusively, this program opens its arms to all students enrolled in Middle School at USN. This is evident in the record numbers of actors and tech crew members who are encouraged to participate in the Middle School Musical that happens in three short weeks before school starts. USN Middle School Theatre gives students a foundation to stand on so they can see what their future has in store.

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