Non-School Days

AFTER-SCHOOL and MSAS are open on certain Non-School Days throughout the school year. Care on these days is only available to USN students enrolled in the AFTER-SCHOOL or MSAS program. You can find helpful information about how Non-School Days work HERE.

A complete schedule of these days for the 2021-22 school year will be made available in the "Downloads (PDFs)" tab as soon as possible.

Kindergarten Half Days
AFTER-SCHOOL will be open from Wednesday, August 18th through Friday, August 20th for Kindergarten Half Days.  

We have been doing this little mini-week for years and we encourage you to send your child to get a head start on their AFTER-SCHOOL experience.  Since it is a short week, we recommend that you consider registering your child for each day. Students who come this first week have an opportunity to bond with new kindergarten friends, feel ownership of the program, get to know the teachers and environs, and learn all the rules and expectations.  By the time the older students arrive later each day, kindergarteners are more comfortable with their new settings. For more information on these days, click HERE.
If you would like to use this service, please register by Monday, August 16th.     


Click Below to Register:
Kindergarten Half Days Registration

Click each month to access individual non-school day registration.
The following links will go live as soon as the 2021-22 school calendar is finalized.
  • September Registration Form - Deadline is August 30th
  • October Registration Form - Deadline is September 27th
  • November Registration Form - Deadline is October 13th
  • December Registration Form - Deadline is November 29th
  • January Registration Form - Deadline is December 17th
  • February Registration Form - Deadline is January 24th
  • March Registration Form - Deadline is February 14th
  • April Registration Form - Deadline is March 28th
  • May Registration Form - Deadline is April 25th

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