List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • Q How do I know which enrollment plan (5 days/week or Flex Plan) is right for me?

    We recommend choosing the Full Time 5 days/week fixed billing option if:
    • Your child needs to be with us Monday - Friday on a regular basis and you are planning to pick up after 4:30 pm.

    We recommend choosing the Flex Plan option if either of the following apply to you:
    • Your child will be with us less than 5 days/week.
    • You plan to pick up regularly by 4:30 pm.

    Take a moment to look over the "2019-2020 Tuition and Fees" in the downloads section of the AFTER-SCHOOL drop down menu. 

    For further inquiries about your specific family situation, please call the AFTER-SCHOOL/MSAS Office at 615-327-1778 or email Rebecca at bstokes@usn.org or Kelsey at kmoan@usn.org.
  • Q How do I change my AFTER-SCHOOL Enrollment,billing or schedule?

    Enrollment/Billing Changes
    You can make changes to your enrollment as you need to throughout the school year. All changes will take place as of the first of the following month.  For example, if your child is enrolled with 5 days/week Fixed Billing and you need to change to the Flex Billing option, that change will take place at the first of the following month.  Please keep this in mind.  

    Schedule Changes
    Grades K-4:  You may inform us of these chagnes to your child's regular AS schedule either by emailing Kelsey Moan at kmoan@usn.org or by using the Lower School Dismissal Change Form.

    Grades 5-8:  You may inform us of these chagnes to your child's regular MSAS schedule by emailing Marcia Terry at mterry@usn.org. Middle School Dismissal Change Form coming soon!
  • Q How often can I make changes to my child's AS/MSAS schedule if I am on the Flex Plan?

    Due to the size of our program, we must ask that you provide us with your child's expected schedule, stick closely to that schedule, and make changes only when necessary. Please give us as much advanced notice as possible when you do require a change.  

    Grades K-4:  You must use the Lower School Dismissal Form for temporary daily/weekly changes, as well as for more permanent changes.
  • Q Do I have to pick up on the hour with the Flex Plan?

    No, you can pick up any time.  Our system will prorate the hourly charge to the minute.  It is crucial that you sign your child out properly on our tablets.  Children who are not signed out will be automatically signed out at 6:00 pm and will be charged until that time.
  • Q How do I pay my bill?

    All AFTER-SCHOOL charges are sent to the Business Office and will appear on your TADS Student Billing account.  Payments should be made through the Business Office.

    The full time 5 Days/Week option will be billed at a set rate based on the installment plan you have chosen for all of your school billing in TADS for the 2019-2020 school year. For example:
    •  Annual - July, $2892.75
    •  Two Installments - July & December, $1446.38
    •  Eleven Installments - July - May, $262.98 each month
    Flex Billing option will be billed monthly as follows: Your child’s time in AS and MSAS will be tallied at the end of each month and sent to the Business Office to be added to your student billing account. Our system will prorate the hourly charge to the minute.  It is crucial that you remember to sign out to avoid being overcharged. This amount is likely to change each month according to your pick-up time each day.

    Contact studentbilling@usn.org to change your TADS billing preferences.
  • Q Can my child come an extra day?

    Absolutely! As long as your child is enrolled in AFTER-SCHOOL/MSAS you may use extra days as you need them. They will be charged at the hourly rate.

    You must use the Lower School Dismissal Form to let us know when your child will be coming for an Extra Day.

  • Q What time does AFTER-SCHOOL close?

    AFTER-SCHOOL closes at 6:00 pm.
  • Q Where did the Transition option go?

    With the introduction of the Flex Billing option for all families, transition is no longer necessary.  If you have used the Transition option in the past, you should now choose Flex Billing.  For time before and after enrichment classes, students will be charged at the hourly Flex Billing rate.
  • Q Can I get a separate password for my nanny/babysitter to use to sign out my child(ren)?

    Absolutley.  We can set up your nanny/babysitter in the procare system as a designated pick up person using either their own fingerprint or set of PIN and Password.  We will also need this request in writing in the form of an email to bstokes@usn.org or to kmoan@usn.org.
  • Q Can another USN parent sign my child out as part of a regular carpool?

    Yes.  We can set up regular carpools in our sign out system.  This means that the driving parent will see the names of all students they have permission to pick up on the screen when they sign into the system.  We will need a written request from you that includes the name of the parent driving the carpool.  This can easily be an email to bstokes@usn.org or to kmoan@usn.org.

    If it is a one time pick up our staff can handle the sign out for the driving parent.
  • Q My child is not enrolled in AFTER-SCHOOL, but I've had something come up this afternoon. Can he/she come to AFTER-SCHOOL today?

    If you find yourself in an emergency situation, we will do what we can to help you out. Please keep in mind that due to the size of our program we are only able to accept drop-ins in the event of an emergency. If this is a recurring situation, you may consider enrolling your child on a one day/week basis. This would allow you to take advantage of all that AFTER-SCHOOL has to offer.
  • Q When can I register for the AFTER-SCHOOL Enrichment classes?

    Registration for these classes will begin in June.  An email will be sent to all USN families to let you know when the on-line form is open.  Classes will begin after Labor Day.  Schedules for each class will be posted here in the "Downloads" section of the AFTER-SCHOOL drop down menu.
  • Q What extra curricular classes do you offer?

    We offer a wide variety of classes through AFTER-SCHOOL in the afternoon.  These include music, robotics, art, foreign language, journalism and dance classes.  You can find the full description of these classes HERE.

  • Q How do I find my child's AFTER-SCHOOL Enrichment class schedule?

    You will find all AFTER-SCHOOL extra class schedules in the "Downloads" section of the drop down menu.
  • Q Does my child need to be enrolled in AFTER-SCHOOL or MSAS to take one of the Enrichment Classes?

    No.  These classes are available to any USN student that is interested! Your child is welcome to come just for classes.  Please keep in mind that they will need to be properly enrolled to take advantage of non-school day care.
  • Q What if my child’s class begins later in the afternoon – what are my options for the time in between?  

    You have two options.  You can pick your child up at hook-up and bring them back for the class, or your child is welcome to spend that time with us in AS.  They will be charged at the hourly Flex Billing rate for the time from dismissal until the class begins, and any time spent with us once the class is over.
  • Q What is your Snow Day Policy?

    In the event that school is closed for winter/inclement weather, AFTER-SCHOOL & MSAS will also be closed.

    We will not open for early care when school opens late.

    We will stay open until 6pm if the school closes early.

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