Enrollment for AS/MSAS for the 2023/24 school year will open mid May 2023
and will remain open for the duration of the school year.  Your family is welcome to join the AS/MSAS community at any time during the school year as your needs change.  

Click below for full instructions on how to enroll in After School or MSAS:

Families new to After School/ MSAS
Families returning to After School/MSAS

All AS/MSAS families will be billed at an hourly rate, which will be prorated to the minute as each child is signed out for the day.  AS/ MSAS tuition will be billed monthly as follows: your child’s time in AS and MSAS will be tallied at the end of each month, the billing formula run, and the total sent to the Business Office to be added to your student billing account. This amount is likely to change each month according to your child’s schedule, enrichment class times, and pick-up time each day.

Click below for more details on tuition and billing information:

For further inquiries about our After School Programs:
After School, Grades K-4:
please contact Kelsey Moan at kmoan@usn.org.
MSAS, Grades 5-8:
please contact Cody Case at ccase@usn.org.

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