AFTER-SCHOOL Non-School Day Signups

AFTER-SCHOOL and MSAS are open on certain Non-School Days throughout the school year. Care on these days is only available to USN students enrolled in the AFTER-SCHOOL or MSAS program. You can find helpful information about how Non-School Days work HERE.

A complete schedule of these days for the 2018-19 school year can be found HERE in the "Downloads" section.  

Dates for the 2019-20 school year will be posted soon!

We offer an Advanced Registration for Non-School Days by semester at a discounted rate, or the option of registering for these days individually at regular price.  All students enrolled in AFTER-SCHOOL/MSAS are eligible for care on these days.  Scroll down for forms.

Kindergarten Half Days

Updated information coming soon!

Use the links below to take advantage of the Advanced Registration discounts:

Updated information coming soon!

Click each month to access individual non-school day registration.

Links will go live for 2019-20 soon!
  • September Registration Form
  • October Registration Form
  • November Registration Form
  • January (MLK DAY) Registration Form
  • January/February Registration Form
  • February/March Registration Form
  • April Registration Form
  • May Registration Form

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