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At University School of Nashville, teaching and learning come first.

Everything we do is rooted in a commitment to celebrate the potential of each day in a community of learners, to explore the remarkable dimensions of a K-12 school in an educational setting unlike any other. Our students and faculty can count on being asked for their very best and on being encouraged at every step along the way.

In our Lower School, each classroom provides a world of possibilities and a teacher who guides a child's day with great care. In Middle School, grade-level teams of dedicated teachers help students develop skills and habits of mind to promote greater academic independence and social maturity. Led by inspiring teachers, High School students pursue deeper understanding as they find their own voices in preparation for the challenges of a college curriculum.

Our families represent an inspiring breadth of cultural experience, united in their wish for young people to learn from one another as they come to know themselves. We may find those opportunities in weekly town meetings, on our River Campus playing fields, in vibrant art studios, in lunchtime conversation, or in a neighborhood tutorial program.

We're glad you visited our web site. USN is a school community that challenges intellect in pursuit of independent thinking, that strengthens character by encouraging personal responsibility, that sees arts and athletics as fundamentally complementary to academics, and that actively seeks to find its place in the wider world. My hope is that, whether you're an alumnus, a potential student, or a friend, you'll come to see us here on campus, to learn more than the web site can tell you. We'd be delighted to welcome you in person.

Vince Durnan's Newsletter Columns

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  • USN's Health Team issues new information on participating in PE and athletics.

    COVID-19 and physical activity

    The Health Team shares valuable information for participating in athletic endeavors during the current state of the coronavirus pandemic. Updated policy requires that any student who experiences a COVID-19 infection must be medically cleared before returning to PE and school-related sports.
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  • Director Vince Durnan at his desk.

    An Appeal to Your Good Sense and Self Interest

    Please review and adhere to the guidelines Director Vince Durnan published for mitigating gridlock on 19th Avenue during Middle and High School afternoon pick up.
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  • Is COVID-19 this generation's 9/11?

    A discussion with USN eighth graders prompted Director Vince Durnan's latest column, a look back at the events and aftermath of 9/11 twenty years, and a global pandemic, later.
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  • So Far, So ...

    Penned from a tiny desk in Pittsburgh, Director Vince Durnan's review of the first two weeks of school calls for optimism and a continued commitment to public health.
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  • Based on the high rate of vaccination, HS students met confidently outside and masked on the first day of school for community meeting, marking the Division's first in-person community meeting since early 2020.

    97% of eligible students vaccinated

    Being fully vaccinated redefines the contact tracing process. Read on for the CDC's guidelines.
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  • Health Team Director Margee Brennan, MD

    Please update student health information

    Heath Team Director Margee Brennan, MD addresses families as the prevalence of the coronavirus delta variant continues to evolve. Read on for how your student can potentially prevent the need to quarantine.
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  • Opening School

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  • Director Vince Durnan gives remarks at Commencement 2021.

    Setting Our Sights On August

    Read on for back-to-school plans as our school community navigates a return to campus in the latest stage of the coronavirus pandemic.
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  • Director Vince Durnan offers Lucas Tyson '21 a celebratory fist bump at the Senior River Campus Drive Thru on Monday, May 24.


    Director Vince Durnan closes out the year with a message of gratitude to the many who made the year possible.
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  • Almost There

    Director Vince Durnan considers the recipe for conducting school in a pandemic.
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  • Is it allergies or COVID?

    With many experiencing seasonal allergies, Health Team Director Margee Brennan offers guidance for navigating the overlap in symptoms with those of the coronavirus.
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  • Vaccine Survey and …

    Results from the Health Team's anonymous COVID-19 vaccination survey show significant progress in the USN community's path toward herd immunity on campus.
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  • School in the Aftermath of the Verdict

    Director Vince Durnan shared the following message on April 21, 2021 following the guilty verdict in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.
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  • Been Quite a Week for Me

    Following a special announcement from the Board of Trustees on April 7, Director Vince Durnan shares more details on what the next year will look like for him and USN as the search for his replacement begins.
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  • A Special Announcement

    Click here to read the special announcement that Director Vince Durnan and Board of Trustees President Ivanetta Davis Samuels ’86 shared with the PDS/USN community on Wednesday, April 7.
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  • Partisan Times

    Director Vince Durnan talks division in our community, country, and beyond, and more importantly, how we might bridge those gaps going forward.
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  • Statement supporting Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders

    University School of Nashville shared the following message on March 18, 2021.
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  • Simply This

    Director Vince Durnan pens a brief note ahead of Spring Break.
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  • Director Vince Durnan

    A Year In

    As we approach the one year mark of living and learning in the midst of a global pandemic, Director Vince Durnan looks at what's next for USN through the lens of the past.
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  • Director Vince Durnan receives his first COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday, February 20 along with other Davidson Co. educators.

    Don’t Let This Happen to You

    When making your plans for Spring Break, take notes from international headlines during the recent winter storm.
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