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Welcome to USN

Though only a visit to University School can convey what it's like to be a student here, these photos begin to capture some of the spirit of the place. Students come first at USN, and academic excellence is always our priority.

Elsewhere on this site you'll find everything you need to know about getting more information from USN, scheduling a visit, or applying.  You can also explore lower school, middle schoolhigh school, and our after school program. Watch this video and take a look at this brochure to learn more about our athletics program. We hope to hear from you soon!
More things you may want to know about University School:
Find some quick facts about USN.

Learn something of the 95-year history of our school, which began life as Peabody Demonstration School.

Learn about USN students' standardized test scores, Advanced Placement results, and college placement.

USN students begin interscholastic sports in sixth grade.

Explore USN's many offerings in visual and performing arts.

At USN's River Campus, the wetland is a classroom for science study K-12.

USN's award-winning and long-established after-school program serves lower school and middle school.

Learn how and when to apply to USN.

How to Reach Us
University School of Nashville
2000 Edgehill Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Phone: 615-327-3812
FAX: 615-321-0889

Phone: 615-327-3812
Learn About USN from these Videos
An Introduction to Middle School
1 Video
Published: 8/28/2013
Sports at USN
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USN\'s Lower School
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Published: 5/30/2012
An Overview of USN
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Published: 11/28/2011
USN Lower School Community
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Published: 12/2/2010
USN Admissions Brochure
Page through this digital version of the brochure that introduces you to University School.
From USN's Director
An Uncommon Visitor
by Vince Durnan

This week a visitor from a remote corner of the world has helped answer a question about our school. Let me explain.

Preliminary Impressions from our Accreditation Team
by Vince Durnan

The ice storm did not keep them from their appointed rounds, and the SAIS/AdvanceED luminaries delivered on their promise to respond to our self-study. 

Renewing Our License
by Vince Durnan

This Sunday the five-member team appointed for our five year reaccreditation visit arrives. They come from four southern states, bringing impressive experience to our campus. What's going to happen?

LS Head Candidates to Visit
by Vince Durnan

Our opening drew interest from around the country—and beyond. Next week we’ll host a series of interview days, with a chance for USN community members to meet and greet.

Before You Open the Re-enrollment Contract
by Vince Durnan

Take a few minutes to think about the way we put a budget together. It’s a big balancing act with a set of familiar component parts.

When We Post an Opening
by Vince Durnan

The announcement before break about Susan Touchstone’s planned departure for the Bay Area this summer and a new chapter sent me right to the phone with word of our opening for next year. As rare as such opportunities are for USN, here’s a quick summary of how we let the world know and how we engage in the search process.
Life at USN